Before and After Staging Photos

Staging doesn’t always mean bringing in new furniture and artwork. Often it only requires removing clutter and rearranging what’s already there. Because we know the difference that staging your home can make, at Nouveau Realty Group we provide a professional staging consultation with every listing appointment. The following photos show what a difference staging can make.

Dining Room Before
Dining Room After
Artwork and too many items on shelves, tables, distracts the eye from the room and makes it appear crowded. Most artwork removed, shelves and floor decluttered, chairs moved to create a feeling of spaciousness.
Dining Room Before
Dining Room After
Hutch blocks entrance to dining room, making it appear to be tight quarters. Curtains shield view of garden beyond. Hutch is moved to “open up” dining room. Curtains are removed to show expansive view and invite the eye to the garden beyond. Artwork on floor is removed to create spacious feeling.
Entry Before
Entry After
This home is neatly landscaped but lacks warmth in the approach. Creating an inviting space near the entry is always a great idea. The first impression of a home should be welcoming and attractive.
Family Room Before
Family Room After
The clutter in this room looks like work to be done. A very unappealing, crowded feeling. By decluttering, clearing space, and creating a reading corner, this room appears spacious and inviting.
Kitchen Before
Kitchen After
Too many items on the counter left the feeling of limited counter space. Multiple towels on oven, items on stovetop, small artwork above cabinetry add to the feeling of a cramped space. Photos on fridge (far right) make a too-busy, frenzied atmosphere. By removing artwork and decluttering countertop and stove top, removing photos from fridge and placing minimal, attractive items on counter, the kitchen appears lighter, brighter and less busy. (Ideally the soap dispenser would be removed from the sink for showings.)
Living Room Before
Living Room After
Although this room is not messy (all items are in their place), what does a perspective buyer see when they enter this living room? Clutter, overwhelming clutter. Clutter and several pieces of furiture removed, curtain replaced with sheer, mirror placed above fireplace to create feeling of expansiveness. Family photos removed, artwork on walls removed. Room appears more stylish and inviting.
Master Bedroom Before
Master Bedroom After
Animal kennels do not belong in the bedroom. No matter how much we love our pets, it is important to keep pet evidence, such as the blanket at the foot of the bed, minimal. Kennel is removed, pet blanket is removed from bed, plant added, bedside lights left on for showings. Books are removed from bed. Now the bedroom appears restful and inviting to humans.

All spaces professionally staged by Penny Carter, Home Stage Consultants, “Helping You See Your Home Through the Eyes of Its Next Owner,” 503.310.7832